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Headteacher: Mrs Celia Dawson

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What is Pupil Premium?



In 2011-12 the Government launched its Pupil Premium funding. This money is sent to schools based on the number of pupils in the school who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM).  Pupils who are counted as Looked After or adopted also receive additional funding.This money is allocated to initiatives to ensure pupils reach their full potential, both academically, personally and socially.


At CGS pupils’ academic abilities and needs are highly individual. Data analysis doesn’t show any significant differences in achievement for FSM /LAC (Looked After Child) as specific groups. It shows that PP pupils make progress at the same rate as non PP pupils of similar ability and need. The school already has many interventions in place as part of our curriculum offer. Ofsted endorsed this is in 2013. For the financial year 2015 -16 CGS received £101,000 in Pupil Premium Funding. This funding is being used in similar ways to last academic year as shown below. Social as well as academic needs remain a high priority and we have focused this money on enriching social opportunities, life skills (both academic and social) and support around meeting additional emotional needs.

This useful additional money is being used in the following ways. Monitoring of impact will be through Pupil Progress meetings looking at the impact of interventions and through pupils’ Annual review/EHCP meetings where progress is discussed.


Small groups support for reading additional training for staff to help children reach their full potential in reading by accessing focused interventions.



Funding Special Support Assistants provision in school to provide access to photography and music tuition.

To enhance the curriculum to provide additional opportunities for individual talent to thrive. Funding provided qualified assistants to give music tuition and photography sessions.



Special Support assistants Funding provided support for a small group of KS3 SLD learners (Severe Learning Difficulties) enabling them to achieve their potential. This group meets each morning for literacy/ numeracy and Occupational Therapy / sensory work specifically targeting the needs of this group of learners



Special Support assistants Support for KS4 SLD group (Severe Learning Difficulties) Support for a small group of SLD learners enabling them to achieve their potential. The additional staffing means the pupils can meet in small groups for highly specialized interventions, specifically targeting the needs of this group of learners.



Challenger Troop Programme, Music technology, and individualised programmes, for identified teenagers with emotional behavioural needs who are finding the teenage years a significant challenge. Funding is focused on adding to the school’s curriculum by providing sessions to focus on team building and build resilience.



Play Therapy/ Additional provision of funding has enabled us to have our own Play Therapist to provide therapeutic interventions to develop emotional wellbeing for children experiencing behavioural and emotional difficulties, which prevents them from fulfilling their fullest potential.


Lego Therapy / Additional provision of funding has enabled us to support the training of our own Lego Therapists and to provide timetabled sessions to meet the social communication needs of our learners.



Pupil premium funding has been used this year to support a small group of young people to attend residential trips.


Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium 2013 -2014 Pupil Premium 2014 -2015 Pupil Premium eligibility checker

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