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Cricket Green School

"Like school, only better"

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Cricket Green School

Lower Green West

Mitcham, CR4 3AF

Tel: 0208 640 1177

Headteacher: Mrs Celia Dawson

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Cricket Green School became a centre of opinion and debate as pupils and staff undertook Pupil Voice day. Students across the school took part in a variety of different activities designed to help them to express their feelings about school.


Primary school students created artworks based around Matisse’s snail and articulated how they felt about a range of different topics using talking Mats. Pupils within Key Stage 3 wrote stories about some of their most memorable experiences at Cricket Green and created paintings that attempted to express their mood through colour and gesture.

Key Stage 4 took ‘Protest’ as their theme. Students discussed the importance of free speech and making their voices heard. They were encouraged to write slogans which celebrated the things they enjoyed and highlighted the things they would like to see changed.


A protest camp was established outside the front of the school within earshot of senior members of leadership (the offices of Mrs Dawson and Mr Jhugroo). Each class contributed banners to the camp and each student was given the opportunity to make their views heard by chanting their demands through a megaphone. The protest was well attended and students were not shy in expressing their views.


The day was a great success and the resulting work; including bold paintings, opinions and the remnants of the protest have now been installed in the main hall for all to see and on trees outside the front of the school.

Pupil Voice Day

Our last Pupil Voice Day focused on 'Healthy Minds'.

We enjoyed making nutritious smoothies, dancing with DDMix, talking about how to deal and cope with stress/anxiety and doing lots of calming activities like yoga and meditation. What a fun day it was!!

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Pupil Voice Day