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Cricket Green School

Lower Green West

Mitcham, CR4 3AF

Tel: 0208 640 1177

Headteacher: Mrs Celia Dawson

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In 2017 we are undertook our most residential trips to date!

The success of all the trips over the years, together with positive feedback from students and parents alike, has given all involved with residentials a sense of pride and achievement and a drive to do more.


The staff get to build positive relationships with students outside the classroom and watch them develop their own independence and form better relationships with staff and peers in a challenging, yet safe, environment.


The growth as individuals in our students is hard to ignore so this year we are offering the experience to all in KS3, 4 and our final year of 6th Form students.



So far this year we have completed the following residentials:


*  two nights plus adventurous activities with our year 8/9 students at Carroty Wood


*  two nights plus adventurous activities with our year 10 students at Sayers Croft


*  two nights camping with our year 11 Duke of Edinburgh students at Carroty Wood


*  one camping night for our year 7 students at CGS


*  a week away at Butlins for with our 6th form students




Parent testimonial:


We had a super weekend, Mimi was full of chat about Carroty Wood. It was clear she had a really good time. Interestingly, she does appear to have a new confidence! She has been really very talkative over the weekend and much more willing to do things for herself, for example get herself dressed in the morning.


In another example, she reminded me yesterday that I needed to make more "white cream" - I had made meringues on Saturday and Mimi had obviously been thinking about this. She came downstairs unprompted and out of the blue, opened the fridge door and said "white cream". It is a small thing but shows that she is thinking about things all the time; the fact that she was so willing to engage by reminding me was delightful.


I asked her whether she would like to go to Carroty Wood again and she replied by cheering and saying yes!!



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