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Cricket Green School

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Cricket Green School

Lower Green West

Mitcham, CR4 3AF

Tel: 0208 640 1177

Headteacher: Mrs Celia Dawson

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Further Reading:


Secrets to success for professionals in the Autism field by Gunilla Gerland


Reaching and teaching the child with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Heather Mackenzie


Making sense of social situations by Albert J. Cotugno


Helping Children with Autism Spectrum conditions through everyday transitions by John Smith,

  Jane Donlan & Bob Smith


Addressing the challenging behaviours of children with high functioning Autism/Asperger’s

  syndrome in the classroom by Rebecca A. Moyes


Why Teach Social Thinking?: Questioning our assumptions about what it means to learn social

  skills by Michelle Garcia Winner


A Game to Encourage Social Thinking and Social Problem Solving: Elementary/Middle and High

 School Edition by Domonique Baudry, MS, Ed.


A Game to Encourage Social Thinking and Social Problem Solving: Middle and High School

 Edition by Domonique Baudry, MS, Ed.


The Zones of Regulation: A Curriculum Designed to Foster Self-Regulation and Emotional Control 

  by Leah M. Kypers, MA, Ed.


Learning to Use the Power of Your Eyes: Volume 1 by Kim Gallo; Volume 2 by Kim Gallo and

  Julie Anneberg


Superflex takes on Rock Brain and the Team of Unthinkables by Stephanie Madrigal


Thinking About You, Thinking About Me: Teaching perspective taking and social thinking to

  persons with social cognitive learning challenges 2nd edition by Michelle Garcia Winner


Think Social: A social thinking curriculum for school-age students by Michelle Garcia Winner


Socially Speaking: A Pragmatic Social Skills Programme for Primary Pupils by Alison Schroeder


Talkabout for Teenagers by Alex Kelly and Brian Sains


Social Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs by Darlene Mannix


Think Good-Feel Good by Paul Stallard




Please feel free to discuss any resources with your outreach support worker.


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Please click the tabs below for links to resources:

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The following are links to websites for educational activities: - Information, support and advice on any question or concern you have related to Down's Syndrome. Monday - Friday helpline available. - Autism and the corona virus 20 tips. - Maths and reading support activities through monster characters - free month on sign up. - Maths activities - Science videos talking about the world around us A place to play games and learn about NASA!


BrainPop - Activities for all areas of the curriculum - free access during school closures - Learn a language!  - Online games, songs, stories and activities to support English.  - Practical advice from the NAS to help Parents and carers support children who may feel uncertainty during school closures.  - Campaign from the Premier League and BBC to help get children up and moving while they learn. - Joe Wicks - YouTube live PE sessions at 9am Monday to Friday to help keep children active while away from school. - Selection of free audio books from toddlers to teens.  - lots of free resources including visuals to support communication. - Word processing support to help children work independently. Resources for a wide range of curriculum topics. Can be used on and offline with easy sharing and saving options. Online form to for parents to complete for access codes. - New set of activities such as book readings, live lessons, positive news updates added each day. Activities will be listed the day before - giving you enough time to prepare and set up. Use their School Support Closure page for more ideas and resources to download. - to allow learners to be independent or supported by a parent in their home learning and able to access the resources they need in a format they can read.  - Video clip demonstrating schedule use.  - Video clip demonstrating schedule use.  - NAS explanation of different types of schedules - CAMHS support for children during isolation