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Cricket Green School

"Like school, only better"

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Cricket Green School

Lower Green West

Mitcham, CR4 3AF

Tel: 0208 640 1177

Headteacher: Mrs Celia Dawson

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Teaching & Learning


• Ensure high quality outcomes are maintained for learners in the new nursery and reception stage.

• Further develop transition pathways for all learners placing emphasis on EHCP/IEP outcomes which

  promote wellbeing and employability beyond the 19+ offer.

• Implement robust and innovative formative and summative assessment and tracking systems using

  relevant new technologies in keeping with the changing attitudes towards assessment without P -


• Promote continuous improvement in raising core standards of literacy, life skills and PSHE so that our

  learners achieve outcomes which enable them to participate positively and actively in adult life.

• Increase the level of independent skills/functional based learning throughout all foundation subjects

  to ensure that the challenge in learning leads to outstanding outcomes and progress for all learners

  in adult life.






• Explore, develop and broaden the outdoor curriculum offer so that pupils have increased access to

  dynamic, real life learning experiences.

• Further the learning curriculum for Early Years focussing on giving a breadth of opportunities for a

  range of play and exploration to awaken learning and widen interests.

• Develop online and social media opportunities alongside raising awareness of safety and developing

  strategies for reducing risks for pupils/students of all ages.

• Evaluate, review and refine the newly developed 6th form curriculum in its capacity to achieve

  outstanding outcomes for all learners.

• Continue developing the wide range of curriculum opportunities appropriate to all learners of all ages

  to develop core values of honesty, openness and acceptance of differences within their local  


• Further develop work based experiences for learners within the curriculum in order to prepare them

  for employment.






• Provide continuous training and mentoring for Middle leaders so that they continue to improve their

  capacity to effect whole school change and development.

• Establish the use of a greater range of assessment tools to measure pupils’ personal, social

  development. In conjunction with other special schools to have developed and analysed appropriate

  descriptors for assessing outcomes for all pupils.

• Continue to ensure that there is excellent provision and tracking methods for learners eligible for

  Pupil Premium.




Professional development


• To look into alternative research and evidence based study to improve curriculum and learning

  outcomes for all (through ITT, Action research and related courses).

• Continue to expand training opportunities for staff at all levels across the school, cluster and local  

  authority inclusive of SEN packages.

• Continue to provide high quality training packages for all staff to improve their practice so that “all”

  demonstrate outstanding teaching and support.

• Review and refine the staffing structure to reflect the growth and evolution of the school.




Well being


• To continue to develop CGS as a safe haven for all, where all feel understood and valued.

• To establish Mental Health Champions in the school to further understanding and acknowledgement

  of the importance of a positive attitude towards emotional wellbeing for all members of the school


• To ensure all staff feel that CGS can and will support them through professional and personal


• Raise the awareness of mental health issues amongst all staff and provide training and support to

  enskill staff to respond confidently to pupils’/students’ emotional, spiritual and physical needs.

• To ensure that there is excellent provision to put in place early support through a range of

  interventions or provision where needed.

• Develop “pupil voice” to enable a greater range of pupils to express opinion, convey information or

  decide upon actions intrinsic to the development and governance of the school.

• Continue to work with the authority to expand the development of parent and family support


• Achieve Gold Standard Healthy School’s status, continuing to promote all aspects of personal





School Environment and Community Links


• Complete a purpose built facility for a nursery provision.

• Manage the new build to allow for appropriate expansion of CGS to meet growing need in pupil


• Offer an extended range of high quality bespoke training packages/courses /support through the

  cluster (MTCT), the teaching school (MSTA) and CGS, to develop and support all members of the

  community – pupils, families, staff and governors.

• Using multi-media; showcase the school and its ethos to continue to attract staff in developing

  outstanding teaching skills, special needs expertise and management skills.

• Expand the range of available therapeutic interventions by developing the therapy team at CGS to

  further develop the emotional literacy and wellbeing of all learners.

• Ensure that the buildings for the whole school are fit for purpose, offering a high standard of

  curriculum opportunities to all of its learners.

• Develop the outward facing arm of the school by creating local, national and international links.

• Create and set up two more local sites for Project Search.




School Targets 2018-2021

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