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Cricket Green School

"Like school, only better"

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Cricket Green School

Lower Green West

Mitcham, CR4 3AF

Tel: 0208 640 1177

Headteacher: Mrs Celia Dawson

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Teaching & Learning


• Create assessment policies in all subjects to lead to robust tracking of pupils’ progress on CASPA.

• Train Middle leaders to use data to analyse trends in their respective subjects to improve the quality.

  of teaching & learning and achievement for all groups of pupils  ( including pupils supported by pupil


• Increase the % of staff consistently delivering outstanding lessons to enable all pupils to achieve

  outstanding progress.





• Develop the 6th form curriculum & assessment to focus on preparation for adulthood.

• Increase employment skills & therefore realistic opportunities for employment for pupils aged 14+.

• Investigate & develop the new school curriculum in line with government changes.

• Improve the Science curriculum & assessment in Key stage 3 & 4.

• Build curriculum teams to add to the consistency & quality of core teaching across all keys stages.

• Create more pathways for our SEBD pupils to engage in learning practical skills.





• Development team to improve their monitoring of assessment & planning for their subject areas.

• Improve the end of year results in Literacy & Maths for pupils in key stage 3 in line with the rest of

  the school.

• Set up robust interventions for identified groups of pupils to ensure that those falling behind close

  the gap.

• Explore & establish the use of a greater range of assessment tools to measure pupils’ personal,

  social development.



Professional development


• Train Middle Leaders in identified courses & build capacity for SLE support in the borough.

• Increase capacity for threshold teachers to mentor ITT students & coach newly qualified teachers.

• Develop career pathways & programmes for assistants wanting to teach or take greater


• Develop the quality of coaching & professional development for satisfactory teachers to move up to




Spiritual Moral & Cultural


• Focus on establishing “Rights, Respecting Schools”, our UNICEF project, across all areas of school

  life, aligning our policies & practice with the aims of RRS.

• Develop ELSA mentors to increase the provision for emotional well-being of targeted pupils.

• Increase the use of interventions & therapies for all pupils who need it.

• Develop “pupil voice” to enable a greater range of pupils to express opinion, convey information or

  decide upon actions.



School Environment


• Establish the community use of Chapel Orchard as a theatre / arts hub.

• Explore the use of CGS, with the LA, to establish an assessment nursery on site.


School Targets 2015 - 2018

School Improvement Plan IMG_0213 Photo 13-07-2017, 13 28 03