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Cricket Green School

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Cricket Green School

Lower Green West

Mitcham, CR4 3AF

Tel: 0208 640 1177

Headteacher: Mrs Celia Dawson

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Speech and Language

The speech & language therapy service is comprised of full time

equivalents of SLT & speech & language therapy assistant (SLTA).

We can help students with:


1. Language difficulties — by helping pupils to understand & express

themselves better, by choosing appropriate vocabulary and sentence

structure and to follow instructions,


2. Alternative/augmentative communication (AAC) — by helping pupils use other means of communication when their verbal skills are limited


3. Speech sound difficulties — by helping pupils to produce clearer speech and discriminate between different speech sounds


If your child is new to Cricket Green & has speech & language therapy on his/her statement:  


1. First the SLT will assess your child’s skills in depth & will collect information from other people who know the child well (e.g. other SLTs, parents, doctors, teachers, educational psychologist)


2. Your child will then be placed on a package (intensive, regular, block, half termly, termly, monitoring).  The package will be reviewed every year at your child’s annual review.


How does the SLT work in school?


Speech, language, communication & learning at school are all linked together.  If children have difficulty in understanding or using language, this will affect their ability to learn.


In school, the SLT tries to help children to access the curriculum.  This means we work with the teaching team to try to make sure they understand what is being taught, they can learn & remember the information, & they can express themselves clearly  in lessons.


This can be achieved in different ways & by different people.  Sometimes we can teach children new skills by working with them individually, & then they are able to use these skills in the classroom.  However most children benefit from learning language skills in real life situations at school & home & therapists help school staff to do this.

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