Pupil Council

About the Pupil Council:

The main aims of the School Council are to improve Cricket Green School for the pupils, students, parents and staff.

There are four ways in which the School Council is used to do this:



We aim to embed the pupils’ and young people’s human rights in our ethos and culture. We use our school council as the vehicle in which to explore learning ‘about’, ‘through’ and ‘for’ rights. Every year we link this work to Rights Respecting schools work and dedicate a curriculum day to explore child rights education (CRE). 



We use the school council to model Citizenship and develop key British values so that everyone feels equal and has an understanding of what it means to be a positive and responsible part of a cohesive community.


School Improvement

The School Council come together to discuss ways in which the school can improve. These ideas and opinions are discussed in class during circle times. The School Council is integral to positive school change, they are also consulted regarding key issues in school, such as school meals and the recruitment. A representative meets with governors to discuss developments.


Pupil voice

We believe that all stakeholders should have a voice. The School Council is used to design and monitor the process in which pupils’ opinions are regularly heard in a personalised and meaningful way. Every year we have a ‘Pupil Voice Day’ in which we look through the “eyes of the pupils” to gain a deeper insight into their experiences at Cricket Green and the communities in which they live in.


Current Initiatives

Currently we are working with pupils to review and develop the school rules. Every class will meet with their class representatives to discuss their views and draft changes and new ideas. Collectively each class will contribute to the amended school rules at the start of the spring term.


In January 2016 we will start a link with Garratt Park’s school council to share good practice, meet new people and develop wider community links. The school council will suggest, organise and support cross borough events between the schools.