Work Experience 2022

We are SO proud of Ricardo, Brian and Noah as they embark on their work experience adventure with the Hilton Hotel group.

Good luck guys!!

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Careers Day 2021

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Primary had a fantastic couple of days focusing on three key areas; construction, refuse and recycling and catering. Red Class was transformed into a café, Green Class was revamped into a refuse and recycling centre and Yellow Class became a construction site!

Blue, Orange, Purple and Indigo classes explored being a firefighter!

Pupils learnt about the work of firefighters before the fire drill unexpectedly went off and pupils had to work together to fill huge buckets with water and carry them over to put the fire out! The problem solving and teamwork was very impressive!

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Year 7 had a fantastic week looking at 3 different jobs over 3 days.

Emerald Class put together Ikea boxes following the instructions, Sapphire class became a catering team, taking orders, shopping, making food and delivering it, and Diamond class painted the sensory garden fence and a variety of furniture!

Over the week in Year 8 & 9 pupils learnt about working in a charity shop, recycling centre, gym, office and café.


There were many activities throughout the week such as gardening, sorting clothes into categories, folding clothes, hanging clothes on rails, learning the journey our recycling makes from our door steps to the recycling centre, and how to sort recyclable rubbish into different categories such as paper, metals and plastics. 

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Other activities included setting up a mock gym to learn the importance of good practice and customer service, running a mini café learning how to set tables, take orders and make hot drinks, whilst adhering to food and hygiene guidelines. As well as working in an office setting, filing and sorting documents, and writing and replying to emails. 

In Year 10 some of the students attended the Metropolitan Police Academy and learnt a range of different skills. Students had uniforms and warrant cards in preparation for solving crimes around the school!


Year 10 also had a BBQ where students could demonstrate their organisational skills and their cooking prowess! Pupils decided on a menu and researched an array of recipes to find out how to make the perfect burger. The group then prepared the ingredients and spent time making patties, chopping potatoes and making a salad. 

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Year 11 pupils attended a talk by Philip Rudling - Foundation Director at AFC Wimbledon. Philip spoke to the pupils about his own journey and what skills and experience pupils would need to become a coach on his team. 

Some pupils had a session with Kristina Burton who is Cluster Development and Project Manager at Mitcham Town Community Trust and SHINE Merton. She spoke of her journey and encouraged the pupils to think about their aspirations, strengths, future plans and goal setting. 

Our very own Billy delivered an Auto Skills workshop where Yr 11 pupils got their hands dirty identifying and handling the different parts under a bonnet. They then went onto learn how to check tread depths, names and sizes of different tyres too!

Other pupils worked with Mr Clements on an Art Enterprise making Modroc vases. They attended a talk and question and answer session with Aine O'Sullivan who is an Enterprise Adviser at LEAN.

Our very own Liz led a Floristry workshop, talking to pupils about her own job journey. They learnt how to forage for foliage, the preparation of flower arranging and how to construct beautiful table decorations.