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Year 11 Leavers Assembly 2023

On Friday 30th June we said an emotional goodbye to our current Yr 11 pupils in a whole school assembly. We are very proud of every pupil and all their achievements, and how they have matured as young people.

The assembly was very special and celebrated the lives and achievements of each pupil.


Some of our 6th Form pupils catered and served food to parents and carers, and were incredibly professional - well done!! 


We're so proud of you all and wish you all the very best in the future!


Job Skills

In our maths topic 'financial capability', the students in Violet class have been learning that they can earn money by doing jobs. The students had fun role playing as cleaners, teachers and waiters/waitresses and then received money after completing their jobs!

Job skills
Job skills
Job skills
Job skills

Mitcham Library Project 2023

Cricket Green School has teamed up with Mitcham Library to make more meaningful connections within the community.

A group of 6th Form pupils presents a story and song session to parents and toddlers, providing free entertainment for the audience whilst also giving our pupils the opportunity to develop their confidence, build skills that will help towards employment and boost their self esteem.


Any parents and under 5's are welcome, you just need to turn up between 9:40am-10:10am!


Orchard Café 2023

We have started running a Parents and Carers Café on Friday morning where parents are able to come and have a hot drink and chat with us and so far it has been really fun! 

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20230127_090202 copy.jpg
20230127_090903 copy.jpg

I went to the Orchard Café for a coffee this morning and I was served by these legends! – Polite, efficient and hardworking, my coffee was perfect and the biscuits sublime.


 -  Many thanks from Mr Lansley.

Dlag 4.jpg
Dlag 5.jpg

Work Experience 2022

A group of nine pupils from Year 11 have secured a weekly spot of Work Experience at the Dons Local Action Group Food Hub. 


The DLAG Food Hub works in partnership with the AFC Wimbledon Foundation to help the local community fight poverty and offers support to those who are in need. In addition to providing food parcels, DLAG also provide household goods, furniture and appliances. 


Year 11 are supporting the DLAG volunteers to pack food parcels ready for them to be driven out to the community. The group have had an amazing start and are getting stuck in and making Cricket Green proud!


We are also SO proud of Ricardo, Brian and Noah as they embark on their work experience adventure with the Hilton Hotel group.

Good luck guys!!

Work exp Hilton.jpg
Work exp hilton 3.jpg
Work exp hilton 2.jpg
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Careers Day 2021

Primary had a fantastic couple of days focusing on three key areas; construction, refuse and recycling and catering. Red Class was transformed into a café, Green Class was revamped into a refuse and recycling centre and Yellow Class became a construction site!

Blue, Orange, Purple and Indigo classes explored being a firefighter!

Pupils learnt about the work of firefighters before the fire drill unexpectedly went off and pupils had to work together to fill huge buckets with water and carry them over to put the fire out! The problem solving and teamwork was very impressive!

IMG_59679 copy.jpg

Year 7 had a fantastic week looking at 3 different jobs over 3 days.

Emerald Class put together Ikea boxes following the instructions, Sapphire class became a catering team, taking orders, shopping, making food and delivering it, and Diamond class painted the sensory garden fence and a variety of furniture!

Over the week in Year 8 & 9 pupils learnt about working in a charity shop, recycling centre, gym, office and café.


There were many activities throughout the week such as gardening, sorting clothes into categories, folding clothes, hanging clothes on rails, learning the journey our recycling makes from our door steps to the recycling centre, and how to sort recyclable rubbish into different categories such as paper, metals and plastics. 

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