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Residential Testimonials


I loved archery. It made me awesome for becoming the king of the hill. It made me confident. It made me a winner. I would love to do it again. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. Me and Mr Shrimpton had a contest. I lost and I have to do double homework!

Long ropes, it was like, long. Some of us got muddy. Some of us didn't. I laughed when Megan fell! I liked it when Destiny did not make it through the car wash. I became better friends with Megan, Sam and Gia, Oli and Ty. I had fun times with Sultan and Luke.

I learned that I can feel confident and doing something now. I learned how to do some filming!

I was a bit scared about going to Carrotty wood but I really liked it. When I got there I was really happy.  


I liked sharing a room with my friends, Asima, N'dia  and filza. I took my teddy bear with me. I slept really well. The food was delicious., especially the pudding. 


I was worried climbing the wall, but it was OK because I had friends and teachers with me. I'd like to go again! I'm pleased I went to Carroty wood.

I liked rock climbing. I felt good going on the climbing wall. I felt scared. I felt scared but I wanted to go higher. Everyone was shouting my name. They were telling me to get up, to go higher! 


It was my first time staying away from my mum. I felt good and I felt sad. I tried to forget about it.  


I feel like I am a better person.  I feel like my big sister now.

I liked rock climbing and archery. I did not get to the top because I was scared, but I really enjoyed it. 

I saw a rabbit when I was climbing and I wanted to hug it but it was scared of me and ran away.

I felt so happy because I reached the top of the climbing wall! I took my time when I was climbing and I was even blind folded! I felt really happy because I got to see the sunset. At the top, I said to my mum, I love you.

I liked climbing.  Laura helped me get up. My hands and my legs were shaky! I wanted to climb to the top! 

I felt scared when I was going down. I liked sharing the bed with Jelena, N'dia and Filza.  This was my first time staying away from my parents. I felt sad. I was crying. I had hot chocolate. Rosie talked with me. 


I had a shower by myself! I talked to Mr Shrimpton when I felt sad. He told me not to worry and to stop crying, and we had a BBQ. I would see my dad on Wednesday!  


I would like to do it again. We had wrap for lunch and we had pizza. I would not like to go again because I don't like Carotty wood, but I would like to stay away from my family again!

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