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Building Works 2019/20


We are delighted to share the wonderful news that CGS has expanded! 


Michael and his team at Diamond Construction have spent the last 11 months building us a beautiful two storey building with 9 new classrooms, an ICT room, an Art room, a Physio/OT room and some small work rooms.


Diamond Construction involved us all in the progression of the building works; the children had viewing windows on the playground, our Pupil Council members were able to visit the site and feed back to the rest of the school, the builders talked about site Health & Safety in one of our assemblies and they even joined 

us for our 2018 Christmas lunch! It’s been a fun partnership!


The building work now turns it’s focus to our reception area which in time will be a new and improved main entrance to the school, and our Chapel Orchard building which will have a fabulous large new hall, music centre and shop / café, for the start of 2020.


Alongside the building works we are focussing as a Leadership team and Governing Body, working with the LA, to plan the expansion in our numbers so that we continue to meet local need and yet not lose the essence of what makes Cricket Green so successful.


There is much to be done but we remain excited about CGS’s future as the expansion progresses!

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