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CGS 6th Form specialises in teaching social independence skills and vocational training for our students.
The curriculum is centred around Life Skills and learning from real life situations. 
Much work is centred outside of the classroom  - travelling and getting to know the local community, cooking, shopping, visiting colleges and catering for conferences.
Many other activities are aimed at improving independence and the ‘soft skills’  -  such as team work and time keeping, that our students need to be successful in their adult lives. 
Accreditation is set to fit our curriculum –  ASDAN’s ‘Life-skills Challenge’ certificate offers opportunities in a range of subjects including Art, Gardening and Life-skills, as well as in the areas of  Functional Literacy and Functional Numeracy.
Functional Skills in literacy and numeracy are taught so that students are able to develop skills and strategies for life situations.
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