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Entry Procedure
All admissions to special schools come through the Local Authority. When the school is approached to admit a pupil the parent is invited to come and see the school. Parents  may also book appointments to view the school directly with the Headteacher. Once it is clear that the parent is happy with the prospect of their child being admitted arrangements are made to find out about the pupil and to see that, as far as possible, the placement is an appropriate one to meet the childs needs. Replies to requests for placements go via the LA. 
Entry to Cricket Green School is via an EHCP (Education, Health and Care plan) or Statement of Special Educational Needs. All applications should be made via the Merton SEN Team including those from outside the London Borough of Merton. 
Parents and children may visit the school and should arrange this directly with the Headteacher.
Once a placement is considered or advised by SEN Merton the Headteacher will then discuss with the appropriate Assistant Head and /or the class teacher and arrange an entry time for the pupil, that will allow for the class to be prepared to take the newcomer. 
If possible the new pupil will be invited to spend some time (e.g. half a day) with the class before entry.  In some instances extended links are established.
When any placement is considered inappropriate the matter will be discussed with the LA. If needs be the application will be raised with the Chair of Governors.
Pupils at the school experience many challenges to learning.  The needs of the pupils are diverse and wide ranging and may include the following:-
• significant global learning difficulties
• physical, social or emotional immaturity
• physical disadvantage
• poor social, interactive or personal skills
• inappropriate behaviour associated with learning need
• low self esteem
• language and communication difficulties
• identified autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD or other diagnosed conditions
• other diagnosed learning needs.

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