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Merton Special Training Association

The Merton Special Training Association (MSTA) grew from the Merton Special Teaching Alliance which existed between 2012 and 2021. It was formed by CGS and Perseid School.

We work to deliver support for school effectiveness and specialist best practice which includes School to School support, Continuing Professional and Leadership Development (CPLD) and Initial Teacher Training (ITT). We are aligned with the Wandle Teaching School Hub.


Our vision is to ensure the most successful outcomes for all our pupils especially those with special and/or additional needs through a shared moral purpose and the development of outstanding practice across the local area and region. 


The Merton Special Training Association serves local schools by offering:


Initial Teacher Training

  • The Association offers teaching practice placements for PGCE and BA QTS student teachers, specialist option tuition for PGCE students and a successful School Direct Programme. 






Continuous Professional Development

  • We have developed a comprehensive programme of courses and conferences to enhance teaching and learning.


School to School Support

  • The Association provides expert school to school support for member schools and for schools outside the Association.


Leadership Development

  • Leadership programmes and opportunities run by the Association enable experienced teachers to develop their leadership skills.


Research & Development

  • Merton Special Training Association carries out practitioner enquiry and research in order to enhance teaching and learning for learners with a wide range of SEND.


In order to achieve our vision we will:

  • Foster a culture of openness honesty and trust within and beyond the association.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to improving outcomes for students with SEN / AEN through high quality teaching and learning.

  • Direct activities to impact on standards and ensure that school-based CPD impacts on classroom practice and the progress of students.

  • Embrace our collective role in meeting needs across the local area.

  • Evaluate our practice to ensure national key performance indicators are met within our local context.



Our working practices are:

  • Solution focussed and outcomes driven.

  • Committed to providing opportunities for schools to contribute and receive where opportunities can, in effect, become cost neutral.

  • Committed to providing sustainable staffing structures so that the main strategic partners can find resources to invest in this work.

  • Committed to a sustainable model whereby the TSA can continue to function independently of any funding streams made available.

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