School Sports Funding

Our Sports Activities


1. All children in primary receive 1 term of swimming lessons at our local swimming pool. This year

    (with the PE and Sports funding) 

2. This year we have hired a PE Intern to support Primary PE for non PE specialist, Swim Lesson,

    and support on our inclusive tournaments and events. He is with us a full day Tuesday and half

    day Wednesday through to Friday. This also ensures the quality of instruction and delivery is

    better for all topics including  PE activities: invasion games, gymnastic, striking and fielding

    games and orienteering. This initiative benefits all children from the Early Years Foundation

    Stage through to Year 7.



3. Our school already offers a range of after school clubs, accessed by children from Key Stages

    one and two (please see After School club timetable on the website). 

4. We offer free Dance sessions as a lunch club (20 pupils), after school club (30 pupils) and as part

    of each year group’s PE lessons. (406 pupils across the year). Every half term a different year

    group gets the opportunity to work with the professional dance instructor who covers a range

    of dance forms including street, salsa and more formal dances.

5. We participate in Borough multi-skills events set up by the MSSSP and also inclusive football for

    boys and girls. Participation in these has increased since last year due to funding.



6. We participate in Panathlon football, and Panathlon sports competition and have improved our

    positions in the last year, to make the multi-sports final and Football Finals.



7. We Participate in LYG Football, Tennis , and swimming and participation in these is up from

    previous years.



8. Our football players enter termly tournaments which includes most local schools. Tournaments

    are held on a home and away basis



9. We hold an annual Sports events in summer for all pupils in primary and secondary



10. We hold a whole school Cross country in the autumn term and have expanded this year to

      ‘challenge’ another school in Ealing to extend the cross country season for our G & T



11. In the summer we have cricket sports coaches deliver sessions of coaching with links to Surrey

      cricket teams for weekend competition.  We also have links with the Lord Tavernier’s cricket

      open days and get to visit ‘The Oval’ for competitions.