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Dramatherapy is a creative and expressive form of therapy that focuses on the healing aspects of theatre and combines this with psychotherapy. It encourages positive change through use of drama techniques which can include a combination of storytelling, movement and the development and exploration of characters. 

Dramatherapy offers the opportunity to bring in tools from other creative therapies including music, dance, art and play therapy and the client is supported to explore difficult feelings, emotions and experiences whilst working with their own interests and at their own pace. 

Who is Dramatherapy for?

Dramatherapy is a very inclusive form of therapy that is able to meet the needs of most client groups, across all ages and backgrounds and no previous experience with drama or theatre is necessary. Due to the creative nature of Dramatherapy and the options to work both verbally and none verbally, it lends itself particularly well to clients with learning disabilities and those who may find verbal communication challenging. 

How does Dramatherapy work? 

Dramatherapy is often client lead and with the direction and support of the therapist the client experiences a safe, consistent and confidential space in which to have their emotional needs acknowledged and heard. The use of metaphor and story allows for an indirect approach to therapy which can be beneficial for those who may find talking about personal problems difficult. 

What issues can Dramatherapy address?

Dramatherapy aims to work alongside the client and can offer support with a wide variety of issues such as;

  • Home life disruptions 

  • Struggles making or maintaining friendships

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Emotional & behavioural support 

  • Anger management 

  • Bereavement 

  • Trauma 

  • Abuse 

  • Bullying 

  • Self esteem 

  • ASD & ADHD

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