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What time does my child need to be in school?


School starts at 8.50am. We run a breakfast club from 8am - 8.50am where children can be dropped off for breakfast if they arrive earlier than 8.50am. The hall will be supervised by staff from 8.30am.

Where can I buy uniform?

Uniform can be purchased from the following link:

How much are school dinners?

The cost of dinners per day is £2.60, which is £13 per week.

What time are my child's lessons?


8.50am     Registration

9.00am     Period 1

9.45am     Period 2

10.30am   Break

10.45am   Circle time

11.00am   Period 3

11.45pm   Period 4

12.30pm   Lunch for Years 7, 8 & 10

1.15pm     Period 5

3.00pm     School End

How do I make an application for a school place?

What after school clubs are available?


You can find information about the current clubs running on our 'Clubs' page under the 'Parents & Carers' tab.

Can I park at the school?

Yes we have lots of parking available!

Can I be in touch with my child's class teacher via email?

Absolutely! At CGS we have an open door policy and welcome contact from home. If it's easier to correspond via email then please make that known to the class teacher.

What is the best time to talk to the teacher if I have a question?


The best time to phone and speak with a teacher is after school as there is more time available to talk.

If it is very urgent then please leave a message in reception and the relevant teacher will phone back as soon as they possibly can... it's normally fast!

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