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Nut Free Zone!

Cricket Green strives to be a nut free school, please ensure that your child does not come in to school with nuts or any product containing nuts.

Cricket Green Secondary Drama Group

Spring, 2024

'The Cricket Green Secondary Drama group took the stage in our annual spectacle alongside local schools, performing at King's College'

Performance  - Adaptation of 'The Time Machine'

The Time Machine

Opportunities this Easter

March 2024

Register here for LEAP or visit website.

More info here.

Pupil of the Term

November, 2023

Pupils of the term recently received their certificates in assembly.  Here they are from primary through to six form. Well done everyone!

pupil of term 2023 winter

Shed 13 art exhibition

Some of our CGS pupils have taken part in an Art Project with a mainstream primary school in Bow, London! The project focused on the theme ‘bridges’ where they looked at their structures, meanings and connections, and involved two workshops and creating and sending postcards.


The exhibition is free to enter and is open to the public from now until 31st August 2023.


If you can, go and take a look, we’re really proud of all their hard work!


Now until 31st August 2023

Poplar Union, 2 Cotall St, London, E14 6TL

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Free entry


End of term!

It's been a busy end of Term here at CGS! We've had Primary and Secondary Sports Days, we've welcomed our new Year 7 pupils in an induction morning, said goodbye to our Year 11 and 6th Form Leavers, we've had our whole school Film Festival (which is always a highlight!) and pupils have been on trips all week! It's been a busy but fun end to another great year here at CGS. 

March 2023 OFSTED

We have been judged to be 'Outstanding' for the 4th time!! 2010, 2013, 2017 & now 2023!

Click the button below to view the report.

6th Form first aid

Our 6th Form apprentices were lucky to have Mrs Hamilton-Bower from the Resuscitation Council UK to teach them how to do resuscitation and use a defibrillator. They really enjoyed the sessions and learnt so much!



Mrs Celia Dawson, Headteacher of Cricket Green School,

Merton has been awarded an Order Of The British Empire

(OBE) in the King’s New Year’s Honours list. Mrs Dawson was

given the award for her ‘Outstanding and exemplary lifetime

services to Children and Young People with Special Educational


Mrs Dawson has been the Headteacher of Cricket Green

school for 22 years and led the creation of Mitcham Town

Community Trust, a thriving schools co-operative consisting of

9 primary schools, 2 special schools and 1 secondary school.

As a Trust Chair Mrs Dawson has been visionary in leading

projects and supporting all member schools in raising standards

in teaching and learning and improving life chances for all.

Mrs Dawson has also made a significant contribution towards

improvements in Merton’s special education provision as a

consultant, mentor and trainer. Working with other school

leaders, charities and the business community across Merton

and beyond, Mrs Dawson has directly contributed to many

positive changes and outcomes for children and their families. 

Alongside her school work, Mrs Dawson also established a Project Search internship programme for Post 18 young adults with learning difficulties. The programme is based at St George’s Hospital and has been continuously successful in supporting young people with skills development and finding employment.

Most recently Mrs Dawson was at the frontline, helping staff and families during the Covid pandemic. She helped with a range of extraordinary tasks: from running a testing station, packing and delivering foodparcels and homework deliveries, to providing wellbeing support initiatives. During the Lockdowns Mrs Dawson was in every day, keeping the school open for our most vulnerable pupils and families.

When asked about her work Mrs Dawson always says ‘it’s the best job in the world’ and she is known as a caring leader with a positive attitude towards life.

Mrs Dawson said. “I’m humbled and proud of the incredible work of my team and local community who have helped me shape Cricket Green School into the ‘child centered’ school that it is today. This award is shared with everyone with me on the journey.”

Congratulations Mrs Celia Elaine Dawson, OBE.



Building Works


We are delighted to share the wonderful news that CGS has expanded! 


Michael and his team at Diamond Construction have spent the last 11 months building us a beautiful two storey building with 9 new classrooms, an ICT room, an Art room, a Physio/OT room and some small work rooms.


Diamond Construction involved us all in the progression of the building works; the children had viewing windows on the playground, our Pupil Council members were able to visit the site and feed back to the rest of the school, the builders talked about site Health & Safety in one of our assemblies and they even joined 

us for our 2018 Christmas lunch! It’s been a fun partnership!


The building work now turns it’s focus to our reception area which in time will be a new and improved main entrance to the school, and our Chapel Orchard building which will have a fabulous large new hall, music centre and shop / café, for the start of 2020.


Alongside the building works we are focussing as a Leadership team and Governing Body, working with the LA, to plan the expansion in our numbers so that we continue to meet local need and yet not lose the essence of what makes Cricket Green so successful.


There is much to be done but we remain excited about CGS’s future as the expansion progresses!

Phoenix Opening

Residential Testimonials

I liked rock climbing and archery. I did not get to the top because I was scared, but I really enjoyed it. 
I saw a rabbit when I was climbing and I wanted to hug it but it was scared of me and ran away."
"I felt so happy because I reached the top of the climbing wall! I took my time when I was climbing and I was even blind folded! I felt really happy because I got to see the sunset. At the top, I said to my mum, I love you."
"I loved archery. It made me awesome for becoming the king of the hill. It made me confident. It made me a winner. I would love to do it again. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. Me and Mr Shrimpton had a contest. I lost and I have to do double homework!
Long ropes, it was like, long. Some of us got muddy. Some of us didn't. I laughed when Megan fell! I liked it when Destiny did not make it through the car wash. I became better friends with Megan, Sam and Gia, Oli and Ty. I had fun times with Sultan and Luke.
I learned that I can feel confident and doing something now. I learned how to do some filming!"
I liked rock climbing. I felt good going on the climbing wall. I felt scared. I felt scared but I wanted to go higher. Everyone was shouting my name. They were telling me to get up, to go higher! 
It was my first time staying away from my mum. I felt good and I felt sad. I tried to forget about it.  
I feel like I am a better person.  I feel like my big sister now.
I was a bit scared about going to Carrotty wood but I really liked it. When I got there I was really happy.  
I liked sharing a room with my friends, Asima, N'dia  and filza. I took my teddy bear with me. I slept really well. The food was delicious., especially the pudding. 
I was worried climbing the wall, but it was OK because I had friends and teachers with me. I'd like to go again! I'm pleased I went to Carroty wood.
I liked climbing.  Laura helped me get up. My hands and my legs were shaky! I wanted to climb to the top! 
I felt scared when I was going down. I liked sharing the bed with Jelena, N'dia and Filza.  This was my first time staying away from my parents. I felt sad. I was crying. I had hot chocolate. Rosie talked with me. 
I had a shower by myself! I talked to Mr Shrimpton when I felt sad. He told me not to worry and to stop crying, and we had a BBQ. I would see my dad on Wednesday!  
I would like to do it again. We had wrap for lunch and we had pizza. I would not like to go again because I don't like Carotty wood, but I would like to stay away from my family again!
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