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School Improvement Plan

School Targets 2022 - 2024


Teaching & Learning

• Ensure high quality outcomes are in place for learners in the new nursery & reception stage.

• Improve the sharing & tracking of progress made in IEP/EHCP outcomes using Earwig.

• Promote continuous improvement in raising core standards of literacy, life skills, employability,

   & performing arts so that our learners achieve outcomes which enable them to participate

   positively & actively in adult life.

• To ensure that there is a current, high quality curriculum offer in place for Reading, Language &

   Communication that continuously promotes skills for future learning, independence &

   employment: together with focusing on targeted pre-reading, early-reading, phonics & reading

   comprehension programmes.

• Develop high quality use of technology & blended learning models to optimise pupil      

   engagement by delivering an adaptable & accessible curriculum.

• To continue to ensure that cultural diversity & equality is embedded in all teaching & learning.

• Further develop our careers programme to meet all Gatsby Benchmarks & provide young  

   people with careers education, support & advice throughout their whole school journey.

• To maintain teaching & learning standards in line with school growth.


• Explore, develop & broaden the outdoor curriculum offer so that pupils have increased access  

   to dynamic, real life learning experiences.

• Ensure the curriculum reflects current trends with regard to online & social media opportunities

   alongside raising awareness of safety & develop strategies for reducing risks for pupils/students

   of all ages.

• Re-evaluate, review & refine our 6th form curriculum to provide even greater ‘stretch’ for our  

   most able learners.

• Continue developing the wide range of curriculum opportunities appropriate to all learners of  

   all ages to develop core values of honesty, openness & celebration of cultural diversity &

   differences within school & their wider communities.

• Embed Work Based Learning throughout the entire curriculum in order to prepare students for

   future employment.




• Provide continuous training & mentoring for Middle Leaders so that they continue to improve  

   their capacity to effect pupil achievement in all areas of school life.

• Establish the use of a greater range of assessment tools to measure pupils’ personal, social


• Continue to ensure that there is excellent provision & tracking methods for all learners  

   including those who are pupil premium, LAC or have other exceptional needs.

• Re-evaluate & review our accreditation offer to ensure students are best positioned to benefit  

   from post-16 opportunities.

Professional Development


• Continue to exp & training opportunities for staff at all levels across the school, cluster & local

   authority inclusive of SEN packages.

• Continue to provide high quality training packages for identified staff to improve their practice,    so that all staff are able to demonstrate outstanding teaching & support.

• Continue to implement the induction programme for new staff.

• Implement the ECF including the development of mentors, facilitators & coaches.

• To encourage self-reflective practitioners through the use of technology in lesson observations.

• To establish a team approach to curriculum development & implementation, promoting  

   progressive provision at all stages of the curriculum.



Well being

• To continue to develop CGS as a safe haven for all, through the pandemic & beyond, where all  

   feel understood, supported & valued.

• To establish Mental Health Champions in the school to further understanding &  

   acknowledgement of the importance of a positive attitude towards emotional wellbeing for all      members of the school community,

• To ensure all staff feel that CGS can & will support them through professional & personal    


• Raise the awareness of mental health issues amongst all staff & provide training &support to

   skill staff to respond confidently to pupils’/students’ emotional, spiritual & physical needs.

• To ensure that there is excellent provision through a cohesive approach, put in place for early

   support through a range of interventions or therapies where needed.

• Further develop the introduction of the school therapy dog to support with anxieties,  

   encourage physical & mental well-being & build confidence.

• Enable a broader range of pupils to express their ‘pupil voice’ using appropriate forms of  

   media that enable them to express opinions, communicate information or actively contribute to    decisions in the development & governance of the school.

• Achieve Gold Standard Healthy School’s status, continuing to promote all aspects of personal


School Environment & Community Links

• To implement an assessment nursery facility for the borough.

• To implement further opportunities for parent training & support, to further increase    

   opportunities to restore parental engagement in the school & community.

• To further develop the outward facing arm of the school by creating local, national &  

   international links & responding to local & national training initiatives.

• To continue to work alongside the LA & local employers to develop work opportunities for    

   young people with additional needs.

• To promote local involvement & inclusion in creative opportunities within the Green Arts Space.

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