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Polka Theatre 
Playhouse project

Show time!

This year we were fortunate enough to work with the Polka Theatre on the Playhouse Project which is a national partnership between Theatre Royal Plymouth, The Rep (Birmingham), York Theatre Royal, Theatre Iolo, Polka Theatre & Bristol Old Vic. 

Primary pupils from Cricket Green worked extremely hard for 5 months rehearsing a 20 minute 

play which came to a finale on Thursday 13th July, where pupils performed on stage at the Polka Theatre in front of family, friends and school staff. The children did a fantastic job and performed absolutely amazingly. We’re proud of you all!

Polly Simmonds, Polka Theatre

I am so pleased you and the Cricket Green children have been part of the Playhouse project this year.  I was so blown away by how accomplished and confident the children were - was such a brilliant performance, you should all be very proud. 


Have a brilliant summer and look forward to catching up with you next year. 

You can always do Playhouse again!​

Polka - Playhouse 2022 - Ali Wright-242 copy.jpg
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