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Meet Solly Pombo!

Solly Pombo is a Level 6 Qualified Careers Adviser and an expert on Careers and Employability.

She has helped Cricket Green over the past 2 year in developing our Careers program in school and is now our Independent Careers Advisor.

This means that she comes in twice a year to speak with our students about their hopes and aspirations and can give them advice about the right pathways to reach them. Solly visits Cricket Green School in the Winter Term to support and advise our year 11 students whilst they consider whether to go to college or 6th form, as well as our year 14 students.


In the Summer Term, Solly meets with our year 9 students. They should have fun working together to talk about what jobs they would like in future and the skills they might need for those professions. This can give our students some ideas about the careers pathways they might take in Key Stage 4. 

Solly writes reports for each student showing their viewpoints and ideas. These will effectively support our young people’s views at Annual EHCP reviews and College interviews.

Solly has met our year 11 and year 14 students last term and is really looking forward to hearing the view and opinions of our year 9 pupils this term!

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