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If you are thinking of leaving school next year and going to college, this page is to help you choose and apply. This page is a work in progress - we'll update it regularly to give you the latest information. 

The most popular colleges for our students are Merton, Carshalton, NESCOT, the Aurora Centre and South Thames College. Most young people can find the course they need in one of these. 


Start looking at colleges well in advance; check out their Open Days to see if you like the look of them.

In November we’ll speak about colleges at the EHCP Review.

From January, its time to think about making your application for September.

If you are applying for the Aurora Centre then you will need to apply much earlier.

Mr Lansley is happy to help you if you need information.

Good Luck!!!


Colleges have Open days advertised on their websites. Have a look to see when they are and see if you can get along to them.


You can get advice and discuss your choices at the EHCP review. Your case worker sends information to colleges that they need.


Applications for colleges are made online from the college’s website. You usually register your name and a password and then the college will contact you for an interview.


Interviews usually take place at the college but might be ‘virtual’ online. They are to find out if you are suitable for the course and for you to ask them questions too! 



During the summer term, you might have the chance to visit the college to meet the staff and take part in some activities.



During the summer holidays you’ll enrol for your course to get your identity badge ready for the start of term!



In November we run a Transitions Marketplace in which parents and students are invited to meet staff from our 6th Form, local colleges and other organisations that support young people as they approach adulthood.


This is a really good chance to ask questions and get a better idea of where you want to study post 16, and what you’d like to do!


Carshalton College and Merton College (including Aurora  based at Merton College) are now all part of the South Thames College Group.


This table is taken from the college website.

It shows the ‘Progression Pathways’ and which courses might be best for your young person. 


For example if the most important thing for your young person is Social Skills then The Aurora or Personal Progress modules might be best.

If developing independence is key, then the Independence Skills programme could be for you. If you are ready to train for entry level employment, then the Employability Skills course might be best!


We are able to offer advice informally at school or during EHCP reviews, and your college will be able to advise at open days or during the interview as to which course is most suitable.

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What ever you decide there will be help along the way at every stage.

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