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KS3 Careers Day 2021

Updated: 4 days ago

Year 7 has had a fantastic careers week, we had 3 different jobs over 3 days. In Emerald Class we put together Ikea boxes, following the instructions and using screwdrivers to complete the boxes, we also painted and decorated them.

In Sapphire class we became a catering team, taking orders, shopping, making the food and delivering it. In Diamond class we painted the sensory garden fence and a variety of furniture, sanding it and cleaning it first.

At the end of each session we completed payslips, looking at our achievements. It has been a fantastic week, we also learnt to fill in application forms and understand workplace rules.

The pupils have learnt so much and have walked out every day with huge smiles, feeling proud of themselves!

Year 8 & 9

Charity Shop

Pupils looked at a job advert for a charity shop assistant, and identified key skills required to run a charity shop. Pupils practised sorting clothes into categories, folding clothes, hanging clothes on rails and dressing mannequins in a presentable way.

Sean: I learned how to fold clothes quickly, and the importance of folding t-shirts so the graphic shows at the front. I had so much fun dressing the mannequins. I want to be a fashion designer one day.


Pupils learned about recycling in our local community, and the journey our recycling makes from our door steps to the recycling centre. Pupils experienced what it might be like to work in a recycling centre. Pupils learned how to sort recyclable rubbish into different categories such as paper, metals and plastics.

Katrina: I learned things about recycling that I didn’t know before. It’s important to recycle, and working in a recycling centre seems fun. Recycling is important.


Pupils had the opportunity to run a mock gym. Pupils learned about the role of a fitness trainer and how to register customers to become members. Pupils learned about the importance of good practice while being in a gym, including safety and hazards, hygiene and customer service.

Callum: That was so much fun! I want to work in a gym when I grow up!

Aaron: I didn’t know before, but after trying, I realised how much I like lifting weights.


Pupils explored the tasks involved to run a mini café. Pupils learned how to set tables, including cutlery and plates. Pupils learned how to take orders and make hot drinks, whilst adhering to food and hygiene guidelines.

Emmy: I could see myself doing this when I grow up!


Pupils experienced what it might be like to work in an office setting. Pupils filed and sorted documents, as well as writing and replying to emails.

Karl: Is this how it feels to be an adult?

Megan: I would like to work in an office!


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