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*** Covid Guidance Update - January 2022 ***

Dear Parents/Carers


Happy new year to you all, we wish you a happy and safe 2022!

Within school we are continuing to follow all guidance documents to ensure that we provide the safest possible environment for pupils and staff. Our measures of good ventilation, cleanliness and hand sanitising remain in place.

In addition, where secondary aged pupils wish to they may wear face masks, however this is not compulsory in our specialist setting. We would also ask secondary aged pupils to continue with twice weekly testing and we are able to provide test kits for this.


From 11th January in England follow up PCR tests are not necessary for those who test positive on an LFT, without symptoms, as part of the twice weekly routine testing. You would begin isolation immediately after a positive LFT result.

If you have symptoms the rules remain unchanged and you would need to do a PCR.


The rules on isolation have also changed. If you have tested positive or have symptoms you can stop isolating after 7 days instead of 10 days, providing you get two negative lateral flow test results on days 6 & 7. From day 8 you can resume normal activities but are advised to keep close contacts to a minimum. The rules for special school settings set by the LCRC remain that you have to isolate from school for 10 days. This rule is in place to protect vulnerable members of our community.


If you are a close contact of someone who tests positive for Covid you no longer need to do a PCR test, but are advised to do LFT tests for 7 days and respond by isolating if you have a positive test result or begin to show symptoms. LFT kits for this purpose are NOT supplied through school but can be ordered online to be delivered to your home or collected from your local pharmacy.


These recommendations are being continuously updated and this is due to be reviewed for schools on 27th January. As we get information we will pass it to you.


Thank you for you ongoing support and understanding in these difficult times. As far as possible and within the guidance we are resuming as many normal school activities as possible and making plans for the future.


Kind regards

Celia Dawson

"Like school... only better!"

Welcome to CGS!

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Cricket Green School.  

We were once described as “Like school. Only better!” and that's what we like to believe we offer to all our pupils and families. 


Cricket Green is a thriving and outstanding special school, which offers learners the opportunity to grow and develop in an environment where they and their achievements are valued. Pupil well being is at the heart of all we do as we strive for all our learners to be happy, develop skills and competencies for life and grow in to secure and confident young people taking their place in society. 


In 2010, 2013 and 2017 Ofsted judged us as an “Outstanding School”,

praise doesn’t get any better than that but it hasn't stopped us striving to do better to continue to make Cricket Green a happy and outstandingly successful school. We surround ourselves with remarkable people and have amazing pupils!


OUTSTANDING 2010 - 2017 !!!

Celia Dawson

Celia Dawson, Headteacher

About Us

Cricket Green School is a community in which we aim to educate and develop children, in order that they lead independent, fulfilled and happy lives.

We aim to enable pupils to make informed choices and to develop greater levels of independence together with an increased awareness of themselves as learners, as individuals and as members of their local community.

With this aim in mind,we work hard to ensure that each pupil has many opportunities during their school life to develop skills, qualifications and confidence.

We have a highly-skilled staff of teachers, assistants, lunchtime supervisors and office staff.

We work hard to ensure that each pupil has many opportunities during their school life to develop skills, qualifications and confidence. We aim for pupils to increase their employability options, use their leisure time and enable each one to make a contribution to their community.  

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