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What you need to know

Having an idea of what you might like to do as a careers can help you to figure out your next step and give you something to aim towards.

Work Experience, Volunteering, Careers and Enterprise lessons, Employability lessons, Jobs lessons, Vocational Skills lessons and your meetings with our Careers Advisor, Solly Pombo are great ways to find out about different jobs and the skills you might need for your future. You can also talk to Mrs. Suresh, the Careers and Enterprise Lead and Mr Lansley, Assistant Head - Key Stage 4 & 5.


There are lots of great resources and websites that tell you about different careers and how you can get into them:


Prospects Career Planner

 Take the quiz to match your skills and what you like to a career that's perfect for you.  You could share these results with your teacher, Mrs. Suresh, Mr Lansley or Solly Pombo.

Start Profile

Use this website to discover and make sense of lots of jobs available to you.  You can find jobs that are related to your interests or your strengths.

icould Buzz Quiz

This short test will help to match your personality with a job that might suit you!

Careers Box

Free films on careers

My World of Work 

 Careers and course advice to guide you every step of the way.

Government Careers Website

 Provides careers information, advice and guidance. We can help you make decisions at all stages in your career.

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